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Kill Your Friends: Instructional Video

Advert for the new card game Kill Your Friends! Actors wanted, Bristol based.

Full Project Team and Needs


Woman - 60+

Role status:

Closed on 01 December, 2018

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


2 days from 13 December, 2018

13/14th Dec in Central Bristol.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Both a promo and an instructional video for the kids' card game Splatatat!! (We are shooting alongside the Kill Your Friends shoot).

"Combining a shedding, matching and knock out style game play, Splatatat is a fast paced,
ruthless, unpredictable and fun card game for the whole family."

NB: There WILL be gunge (the green, 90s kids TV kind) involved in this advert, so if you're not into getting a little messy, it might not be for you. But be assured there will be towels and showers at the ready, and we'll ensure you have a great time with us!!

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