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Window (Short film)

An elderly man sitting in his front room is disturbed by a commotion outside. Outside his window an aggressive argument unfolding between a young couple...

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An elderly man sitting in his front room is disturbed by a commotion outside. Outside his window, an aggressive argument unfolding between a young couple is unfolding. Will the man help them?

Tuesday 5th February 2pm-11pm
Wednesday 6th February 2pm-11pm


Nightcall Studios Bristol, United Kingdom

Our aim with Nightcall Studios is to support and create original, captivating films showcasing the power of storytelling.


Brandon Shears Bristol, United Kingdom

An inspiring filmmaker who's determined to prove his worth in the industry. @Screenology


Jake Mason Bristol, United Kingdom

A motivated individual, I seek work that challenges me and I want to progress in the film industry.


Jessica Addenbrooke Bristol, United Kingdom

A radiant and energetic leader, I aspire to be a film producer.

  • Executive Producer
  • Assistant Director

Adam Stafford-Smith unconfirmed

I am a trained actor who is looking for great projects and people to get involved with. I'm especially drawn to bad guys, misunderstood people, couples in love, relationships. Also into the zany and wonderful! If it's interesting, I'm in


Amina Williams Bristol, United Kingdom

i love being politically incorrect... but also acting & creating content ofc lol.


Mike Harley Melksham / Bath, United Kingdom

Experienced and versatile with a strong "can do mentality"


Drew Sewell Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based sound recordist with transport and PSC kit. Available for any location sound recording or post sound dubbing/editing. Highly professional and resourceful ethos.

  • Sound

Ella Cakebread Bristol / Weston - Super - Mare, United Kingdom

an inspiring film maker finding her role

  • BTS Video

Emma Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Hair and Makeup

Ewan French Bristol, United Kingdom

Blessed to live in a vibrant city, inspired by challenging circumstances. I have made dozens of films since 2009, I love film because I have the opportunity to creatively express myself 🌿.

  • B Camera Assistant
Avatar 2x gzwqlq

Liam Greenwood unconfirmed

  • Production Assistant

Tatyana Burks Bristol, United Kingdom

a young film maker finding her passion, with particular skill in acting and dop.

  • Gaffer
Avatar 2x gzwqlq

Chris Moore unclaimed

  • Writer