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(Female, 30 to 40 years old)

Role status:

Will close on 10 October, 2020

In return for:

Profit share + expenses

Expenses, a place to stay during filming, tickets to any festivals the film is shown at.


30 days

As this is a low budget project, dates and times will be worked out to suit both myself (playing the part of the sister, Susie) and the lead actor chosen for the part of Gwen.


Based in Langport, United Kingdom

The Countryside, COMEDY, DRAMA.

Role: GWEN (lead role). Looking for a LGBTQI female actor FROM THE SOUTH WEST OF ENGLAND (Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly), AGED 28-40 YEARS. MUST BE ABLE TO PASS AS MY OLDER SISTER! (Vicki Helyar, director, also playing the part of sister Susie).

*PLEASE ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE IN THE LGBTQI COMMUNITY. I have had many non LGBTQI people apply saying that they can play a gay character, but I am only looking for an LGBTQI female actor for the role. Thanks.*

Character outline: Gwen is a reserved, quiet, intelligent, knowledgable academic. Though kind deep down, she can be somewhat po-faced, particularly towards her witless sister Susie.
With such vast differences between them, her and Susie have remained mostly distant. For Gwen, the relationship has also been a difficult one, though Susie is seemingly too clueless to notice.

Plot Outline: Gwen and Susie are thrown together for an eventful yet strained weekend at Gwen's Somerset house to partake in a treasure hunt devised and left for them beyond the grave by their late mother.

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