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Hufen Ia (Short film)

48hours Welsh film challenge that I am expanding into a short, it is just a sketch. The title will be ICE CREAM, the script is still in development on Draft 1.

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Searching for producer interested in helping me develop this story and perfect the script, please come on board and lets work together. The film will have slight LGBTQ, travel team, everyone is welcome in particular women. Get in touch please, thanks. 

Ps. Searching for kind, professional and inspirational crew who is committed, and will stick around to the end of the project as the journey will be long if we get lucky with funding. 



Role status:

Will close on 01 August, 2021

In return for:

Money, fee to be discussed

Start date:

18 July, 2021

Plan is to put BFI Network Application together, and be involved in script development that is happening now. Then support organising shoot, post and distribution.


Can work remotely

Need to have track record of producing shorts, commercials or theatre productions, as it is required. Bfi needs to know if a person is able to complete the project successfully. 

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