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Killer Revelations (Short film)

16-page Crime/Comedy!

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Robert, a young cocky criminal associate is sent to extort a new man in the neighborhood by his boss. Unbeknownst to the gang, the target is actually a highly skilled hitman connected to the Russain Mafia. Will the gang be able to stop Robert before immense consequences lay upon the gang?

Production will take place in April 2019. No dates are scheduled yet.

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Iron Laser Productions unconfirmed

Iron Laser Productions is at the forefront of vintage innovative film making,

  • Production Company

Nightcall Studios Bristol, United Kingdom

Our aim with Nightcall Studios is to support and create original, captivating films showcasing the power of storytelling.

  • Post Production

Morgan Orme Bristol, United Kingdom

Student filmmaker,


Matthew Gilpin Bristol, United Kingdom

An award-winning Writer/Director, Editor and aspiring actor, looking to gain experience in every facet of filmmaking.


Jake Mason Bristol, United Kingdom

Highly motivated and always looking to stretch myself! I seek work that challenges me and I want to progress in the film industry.


Jessica Addenbrooke Bristol, United Kingdom

A radiant and energetic leader, I aspire to be a film producer.

  • Executive Producer

George Charkviani unconfirmed

Filmmaker based in Bristol, rooted in photography, doing and filming extreme sports

  • Director of Photography

Brandon Shears Bristol, United Kingdom

An inspiring filmmaker who's determined to prove his worth in the industry. @Screenology


Stella MacArthur Bristol, United Kingdom

Creative Vision coming from a fine art photography and painting background!

  • Production Designer

Chris Cunnelly Bath, United Kingdom

vibrant energetic and enthusiastic up and coming actor is hungry for experience. I'm happy to take myself out of my comfort zone and play a variety of roles which would challenge me.


Daniel Plumb London/Minehead, United Kingdom

I am an actor based in London and mine head/somerset. Im an experienced actor having been involved in the performing arts from a young age and studying acting at various institutions. Most recently Trained at Italia Conti drama school.

  • Actor (Robert)

Pasquale Gregu Bristol/London/Cardiff/Manchester, United Kingdom

We play for a real life.


Tommy James Bristol/London/Bath/Gloucester, United Kingdom

I am an actor based between London and Bristol, available and eager to work. I trained in Method at drama school but have been experimenting with the meisner technique to ensure i can bring each character to life based upon their "want".


Ebony Dawn unconfirmed

21 year old makeup artist studying Hair, Makeup and Prosthetics for Production at UCW.


Sam Tucker Bristol, United Kingdom

A motivated and aspiring director in the film industry

  • Associate Producer