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Forgive & Forget (at Christmas) (Music video)

Done my time feeling bitter and twisted, it's time for forgiveness. Forgive and forget at Christmas.

Full Project Team and Needs
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If you don't listen too carefully, this track sounds like a typical sweet Christmas song. It's actually about child abuse and and about the victim, as an adult, forgiving her abuser.

Marilyn Monroe was abused as a child and our concept is to use found footage of Marilyn Monroe over the course of her life to tell a tale of how childhood trauma and abuse was processed, leaving the question at the end - did she forgive and/or forget her abuser before she passed away?

We want to take the viewer on the same journey as the song - just hinting throughout at the darker underbelly from the perspective of the abused. In a twist at the end, the subject of the video is fully revealed.

There’s a nice parallel between the way this track references Christmas / Christmas songs and Marilyn Monroe. Both are iconic and easily recognisable entities. Both look gorgeous and shiny on the surface...


Marilyn Monroe Film Buff

Role status:

Will close on 25 September, 2022

In return for:

GBP £32 per hour

Invoice after the consultancy session. Payment within 14 days.


4 hours from 25 September, 2022

A morning or afternoon by mutual arrangement.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Please see "More on Project" above for a summary of our over-all concept.

We're seeking a film geek deeply knowledgeable about Marilyn Monroe to join our Creative Director for a morning/afternoon session to work through the storyboard and suggest/research the ideal clips or stills to illustrate the points we're looking to get across. These can be from Marilyn's films or from her real life.

We have a rough storyboard developed and we've already found a few possible clips - but these could perhaps be improved upon and we definitely need many more.

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