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Follower (Short film, 2018)

Short film inspired by Tarkovsky's Stalker. A world with dangerous 'voids' that can seemingly remove objects from this plane of existence.


Vivian Barton Bristol, United Kingdom

Hot fire student director/ editor looking for experience in all aspects of film-making.


Will Newcombe Bristol, United Kingdom

Film student currently studying in Bristol.

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  • DoP

Daniel Taylor Bristol, United Kingdom

I m a filmmaker experimental


Kieran Jenvey Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, Decision maker and coffee maker.


Emmely Slabon Bristol, United Kingdom

I love sound work, whether that's in the middle of a forrest on a cold day, or editing the day away in the studio.


Alex Garbutt Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring student film maker with sound and editing experience


Reuben Emmens Bath, United Kingdom

I am studying MA Sound Design and working freelance in film. I have a passion for film, having a BA in Film, Television and Digital Production, but also want to diversify my skills and portfolio with other mediums.