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Follower (Short film, 2018)

Short film inspired by Tarkovsky's Stalker. A world with dangerous 'voids' that can seemingly remove objects from this plane of existence.

Vivian Barton Bristol, United Kingdom

Hot fire student director/ editor looking for experience in all aspects of film-making.

Daniel Taylor Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm a filmmaker, experimental with a good eye for shots and colour and story concepts and we like to work.

Kieran Jenvey Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, Decision maker and coffee maker.

Emmely Slabon Bristol, United Kingdom

I love sound work, whether that's in the middle of a forrest on a cold day, or editing the day away in the studio.

Alex Garbutt Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring student film maker with sound and editing experience

Reuben Emmens Bath, United Kingdom

Audio Post Production - Studying MA Sound Design.