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Flying Screwdrivers (Short film)

Surrealist film about remembering, being remembered and someone who tried to invent a Flying Screwdriver.



Weronika Bristol, United Kingdom

Performer, writer and theater maker currently experimenting with filmmaking


Cressida Williams Unconfirmed

/Experimental/ filmmaker currently studying @ Screenology


Emma Donovan Bristol, United Kingdom

A photographer/cinematographer/sound mixer and traveller. Currently studying BA (Hons) Film at Screenology Film School, Bristol


Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

An aspiring prop maker and set dresser, studying in Bristol at Screenology. I am open to catering to all your crafting needs! Whether it be commercial, freelance or studio work.


Matt RD Binnington Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm an aspiring writer/director based in Bristol, UK. Studying at Screenology Film School. Trying to get any and all experience I can in directing to improve myself. I am open for any freelance work, both studio or commercial.