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Final Lesson (Short film)

Final Lesson is MA final project for the USW, Cardiff. It explores Welsh identity with a comedy-thriller tone

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The project explores Welsh identity, the good and bad, by characterizing this divide through the opposing ideals of a selfish, detached, conservative Geography teacher/hitman and his former energetic, optimistic and republican student who run into each other at Alexandra Gardens, Cardiff.

In the first 2 mins its revealed that Mr. Jenkins lives a double life as a successful killer-for-hire.

In the next section of the film, we see Jenkins’ journey into town as he walks along the ‘Taff Trail’ and Bute Park, slowly disappearing more and more into the crowd of pedestrians.

When Jenkins its satisfied with the location of his target, an old student sees him and approaches keen to catch up with his old teacher…

Jenkins feeling like he has to impress Ethan after everything he’s been boasting about, and not wanting to repeat the feeling of being a ‘loser’ that he got from Emyr, Jenkins lets Ethan in on his double-life as a hitman and why he’s at Alexandra Gardens.

Then the target comes to talk to Jenkins…

Get involved to know what will happen!!

Llanten No Cisneros Cardiff, United Kingdom

From drama director and dramturgy to the film industries as a film director. In the way, I am happy to collaborate or work in other roles as a runner, AP/PA, script supervisor, research or any other related job :)