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Dress Up (Student Short Film)

When Bill is pulled into the world of drag, denying his sexual identity suddenly becomes unavoidable.

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Bill is living in a long term, committed relationship with his girlfriend Lucy. Lucy works in fashion, and Bill often likes to involve himself in her work, admiring the dresses and how they look on him. Someone new moves in downstairs, Felicia, a seasoned drag queen, and Bill introduces himself by asking Felicia to turn the music down. The next day at work, an awkward encounter at works leads Bill to be convinced into a night out, which happens to be at the drag club. Bill meets Felicia properly this time, seeing her perform. At the end of the night, they walk back together, Felicia admits she feels like she’s losing some of the passion for drag she used to have, and Bill starts to open up about being interested in it. It’s in this conversation he opens up to Felicia about being Bisexual, and his insecurities about what would happen if he came out, and why he hasn’t previously felt the need to come out. They talk about drag and Felicia offers to help Bill try out drag for the first time. After getting back drunk the night before, Bill wakes up to Lucy getting ready for work, looking slightly upset. After getting back late and not telling her where he is or even inviting her, she feels like he’s cheating or hiding something. He admits to her about being interested in drag, and comes out as Bisexual. She’s surprised, but thinks this means he’s not interested in her anymore, and would prefer to be with a man. They argue and she leaves for work. Upset and alone, Bill seeks Felicia downstairs, who invites him in for a cup of tea. They talk a little about drag, and Felicia’s offers to dress him up properly, they chat about Lucy as Felicia does his nails. A knock on the door shows Lucy, looking upset. She asks for Bill, thinking he’s left her, she admits to him she doesn’t fully understand it all, and feels he’s a completely different person to who’s she’s been with this whole time. He tells her he’s the same as he ever was, this is just a part of him, and drag is something new he wants to come to accept, and wants her to be a part of it. She feels better, but admits it might take some time, but wants him to know he’s supported. Felicia puts Bill in drag for the first time, and his new persona of Barbie Windsor is introduced.


Dominic Davies Bristol, United Kingdom

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