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Between The Lines (Short film)

Shy book lover Jane has to unexpectedly pitch to save her beloved library from closure...and the soloution might lie in a fantastical musical sequence!

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‘BETWEEN THE LINES’ is an ambitious, uplifting musical comedy short film - Directed by Dom Lee with Music & Lyrics by Grace Hancock.

Shy book lover JANE enjoys nothing more than reading at her beloved library. When library manager ALICE is called away and the pompous COUNCILLOR announces that someone will have to pitch today to save the library from closure, Jane is unexpectedly tasked with this and the prospect of confronting her worst nightmare…

Just when hope is seemingly lost, help comes from an unexpected source and we embark on a fantastical musical adventure, where many well known book characters aim to help Jane overcome her anxiety. Can Jane deliver the pitch? Can the library be saved? The answer might involve a showstopping musical number...

Filming has largely taken place and should be completed by the end of November.


Sound Designer(s)

Role status:

Will close on 31 December, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses

You'll get to work on a project which is generating a good buzz already and will leave audiences with a smile on their face - the perfect tonic after the difficult past 18 months. Footage from scenes you worked on will also be given to use on Showreels etc and I'm keen to start working with a team of sound designers on other projects going forward so hope this might be the first of many collaborations.


Ideally to make a start asap.


Can work remotely

I'm looking some some Sound Designers to help out with my short musical comedy film 'Between The Lines'.

The story follows shy book lover Jane who is unexpectedly tasked with having to pitch to save her beloved library from closure. Help comes along in the form of well known book characters who come to life in a series of fantastical musical sequences!

The film is currently being edited but I'm keen to start adding sound design elements in to bring it to life. There's a wide number of sequences (some as short as 20 seconds) and I'd be very happy to split this between multiple people so each only takes on what they can manage. There will be plenty of room to get very creative with it and to bring your own ideas into it.

Please do get in touch if you'd like to hear/discuss more!

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