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Between The Lines (Short film)

Shy book lover Jane has to unexpectedly pitch to save her beloved library from closure...and the soloution might lie in a fantastical musical sequence!

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‘BETWEEN THE LINES’ is an ambitious, uplifting musical comedy short film - Directed by Dom Lee with Music & Lyrics by Grace Hancock.

Shy book lover JANE enjoys nothing more than reading at her beloved library. When library manager ALICE is called away and the pompous COUNCILLOR announces that someone will have to pitch today to save the library from closure, Jane is unexpectedly tasked with this and the prospect of confronting her worst nightmare…

Just when hope is seemingly lost, help comes from an unexpected source and we embark on a fantastical musical adventure, where many well known book characters aim to help Jane overcome her anxiety. Can Jane deliver the pitch? Can the library be saved? The answer might involve a showstopping musical number...

Filming will provisionally take place in Devon during September, but might be delayed depending on COVID restrictions and location availability. It will likely involve rehearsals beforehand.


(Male, 18 to 60 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 31 July, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses

Food, drink, expenses and some excellent footage for a showreel. If you're especially keen to have some footage of you singing this is the project for you!


2 days

The amount of time needed depends on the part. Some might be needed for a single day, other for two or three.


Based in Devon/Tbc, United Kingdom

There's a variety of roles on offer. Please only apply if you are based in the South West, or if you have a base in the area.

BOOK CHARACTERS (Male/Non-binary) A host of well known book characters come to life to help Jane on her quest to overcome her anxiety. This role will likely require a bit of singing but nothing too complex - if in doubt please do apply! Any dancing experience or stage combat skills would also be great, but these are not essential.

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