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Day Zeven (Trailer)

The story follows two young girls as they build a relationship, attempting to reach an evacuation within 7 days.

Full Project Team and Needs
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Payment for the whole production are as follows:

We intend to crowdfund for this project and this will be to cover any expenses on the project (Travel and food). Due to the success of this campaign not being promised, we ask that everyone come onboard the project for the love of learning.


VFX Artist

Role status:

Closed on 14 August, 2019

In return for:

Undecided, to be discussed

Payment will be subject to our crowdfunding campaign which will most likely happen after shooting. Should this campaign be successful, each member of the crew will be paid minimum wage. Due to this campaign not being a confirmed part of our process, we would advise you to come aboard with the intention of not being paid and for the experience.


3 weeks from 17 August, 2019

Timing can be altered depending on the needs of the candidate but will need to be done before September.


Can work remotely

We are looking for a keen VFX artist to help our editor on our project. We will be having some scenes that involve some VFX including fire, starry skies etc and will need to be discussed with the director.

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