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Day Zeven (Trailer)

The story follows two young girls as they build a relationship, attempting to reach an evacuation within 7 days.

Full Project Team and Needs
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Payment for the whole production are as follows:

We intend to crowdfund for this project and this will be to cover any expenses on the project (Travel and food). Due to the success of this campaign not being promised, we ask that everyone come onboard the project for the love of learning.


(Female, 16 to 23 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 12 August, 2019

In return for:

Undecided, to be discussed

We intend to crowdfund for this project with the intention of paying expenses for all crew. Due to the success of the campaign not being confirmed we cannot promise this so please be aware of potentially not getting paid for this project.


2 days from 17 August, 2019

Once cast, there may potentially be a rehearsal date prior to this.


Based in Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

Bea is our main character.
She is 19 years of age currently studying at home.
Her appearance is prim and proper, hair colour has to be natural colour but can be any.
She dresses smart casual and after the apocalypse she is very casual and rugged.

Her personality is quite shy (with potential subtle autistic traits) and can be quite cold towards others. She speaks standard Engilsh and has a slightly higher voice than some. (This is not exclusive)

She forms a romantic relationship with our second character Anna. Although there is no strong romantic scenes, the actress must be comfortable with this.

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