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(18 to 80 years old)

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Closed on 05 December, 2019

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Love and learning


1 day from 06 December, 2019

2pm-4pm Friday 6th December


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

We're making a Christmas film at Screenology; our own unique and fun take on 'The 12 Days of Christmas'.

They are 12 different shoots taking place, each representing a different section of the song, which combine to make our own electric advent calendar.

Each of the 12 vignettes will be shot against a green screen at Screenology HQ in Bristol.

We are looking for a few more people complete our line up of 11 Pipers Piping (any age, any experience, any gender) who could be free from 2pm-4pm this Friday (6th December) to help.

You do not need to be able to play a pipe! You don't need to smoke a pipe, lay a pipe, ride a half pipe or know anything with plumbing. Noooooo. We need 11 people to pipe icing a la Great British Bake Off! You don't need to have any cake icing experience (or skill) either. You just need to be available, willing and able.

The finished film will be shown at the Odeon, Bristol on Thu 12 Dec.

Everyone is welcome and if you think you can do it, please get in touch to confirm your attendance.

Time - 2pm - 4pm
Date - Friday 6th December
Place - Screenology, St Vincent's Works, Silverthorne Lane, Bristol BS2 0QD
Bring - A white t-shirt or white top if you have one.

Tea, coffee, biscuits and as much icing as you can eat!

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