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Cursed: The Twisted Spell. (TV drama)

In a world where mythical creatures are common, it follows the coming of age of two young witches and a werewolf. A romantic drama with a dash of magic.

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Cursed is a dark supernatural thriller examining two young witches; Lucinda and Skye and one young lycanthrope; Lennox.

When Skye attempts to aid her friends in a forbidden romance, she releases an ancient evil upon both kinds. Will Lennox be able to save the love of his life? Will Lucinda be able to fight her internal darkness and will Skye be able to redeem herself and put an end to the curse which damns witches and werewolves alike to a never-ending war.

Michael Keeling Nottingham, United Kingdom

I'm an upcoming TV and Film Horror/Fantasy screenwriter born and raised in Nottingham UK.

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