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Clamped (Short film)

Vaginas, most people can’t say the word without squirming, but what would you do if yours stopped working?

Full Project Team and Needs
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Clamped is a character-driven feminist sex comedy where an outgoing young woman’s life is turned upside down when her sexual freedom is taken away from her. Diagnosed with a sexual disorder, she must take steps to control her condition in order to climax again.

Students from the University of Gloucestershire looking for two females and three males to be part of our unique Level Six short Film ‘Clamped’. Locations, times and dates within this timeframe are variable per cast member and exact details to be confirmed.


Lead Actor (Alice)
(Female, 19 to 23 years old)

Role status:

Will close on 29 November, 2020

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


5 days

Shooting will take place towards mid/late November in Gloucestershire. Locations, times and dates within this time frame are variable per cast member, and exact details to be confirmed.


Based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Supporting Documents

Alice is a stylish university student who is funny, outgoing and loves a night out, especially if it ends in sex; Alice has always been a ‘lovely girl’ but since starting university she has re-branded herself to get more attention from men; suddenly, she is diagnosed with vaginismus stemming from an uncomfortable sexual encounter; paired with a hostile friendship with her jealous housemate, Alice is forced to address her issues; with Alice’s witty and confident persona, she comedically breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the audience with her ‘thoughts we all think but wouldn’t say’; this film involves intimate scenes and partial nudity; an intimacy co-ordinator will be assigned on set to maintain safety of all cast and crew. Note on Nudity: Multiple scenes of a sexual nature, two with George and one by herself when she is using the vaginal dilators. We will only see from above the waist and a bra / bralette will be worn at all times with the scenes with George. No nudity will be required for the solo scene.

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