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Clamped (Short film)

Vaginas, most people can’t say the word without squirming, but what would you do if yours stopped working?

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Clamped is a character-driven feminist sex comedy where an outgoing young woman’s life is turned upside down when her sexual freedom is taken away from her. Diagnosed with a sexual disorder, she must take steps to control her condition in order to climax again.

Students from the University of Gloucestershire looking for two females and three males to be part of our unique Level Six short Film ‘Clamped’. Locations, times and dates within this timeframe are variable per cast member and exact details to be confirmed.

Amy Barnes Cheltenham, United Kingdom

  • Admin
  • Director
  • Screenwriter

Liam Pym Unpublished

  • Producer

Gus Blaise-Mills London, United Kingdom

"Perhaps when I have 10 films behind me, I will have something worth saying" (Malick)