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An action packed Fantasy/Spy series based on the adventures of sister spies Cassidy and Blair.

Full Project Team and Needs


Actor 18-25 Female
(Female, 18 to 25 years old)

Role status:


In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


We will hopefully be shooting between 4th & 17th March 2019, and we will be doing rehearsals sometime before then, starting Jan 2019.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Cas (Cassidy) Hemmingway:
Mischievous, athletic, average height but very skinny/lean, cropped light hair, spy in training, emotionally immature, hasn’t had much experience of the world, impartial to the mentality of “us against the enemy” - just wants to fight.
Inner: Immature, emotionally inexperienced in that she has had no
experience in the real world, and hasn’t seen any hardships/had to fight
for herself yet/nor built meaningful relationships with anyone other than
her sister (BLAIR) and parents
Outer: Small and skinny, female.
TALENTS: picks up fighting techniques easily, trained in martial arts, small and
therefore can do things that other spies can’t, fearless.

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