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An action packed Fantasy/Spy series based on the adventures of sister spies Cassidy and Blair.

Full Project Team and Needs


Actor Female 18 - 30

Role status:


In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


We will hopefully be shooting between 4th & 17th March 2019, and we will be doing rehearsals sometime before then, starting Jan 2019.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Blair Hemmingway:
Cas’s older sister, strong, warrior personality, physically muscular, working spy
(since she was 17), serious, emotionally mature, dark hair, been through a lot.
Inner: Stubborn, very emotional in that she often follows her heart
instead of stopping and thinking before she acts, which means she often
acts in anger, especially when her loved ones are threatened, revengeful
Outer: currently none
TALENTS: Strong, tall, muscular, strategic, brave, loyal.

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