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Cards II (Short film)

After a defeat at the hands of an evil Businessman’s card game, the three con artists attempt a daring bank robbery to relieve him of his billions.

Full Project Team and Needs
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(Male, 23 to 25 years old)

Role status:


In return for:

Love and learning

Food and drink a copy and the film to add to your portfolio


4 days

Each shoot will last roughly 5 hours with breaks.


Can work remotely

Tom is a con man with hard of gold who helps out the little guy, Tom had grown up poor living in a tower block flat as a kid. Tom over the years leant his skills from various different local grifters and small-time businessmen. he only trusts are his Friend Lucious and his girlfriend Karla. he wears exsive clothing a wears black ford hat.

-A must be slim or athletic

- Good card player

-Street smart

- Slightly gruff

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