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Cards part II (Short film)

After a defeat at the hands of an evil Businessman’s card game, the three con artists attempt a daring bank robbery to relieve him of his billions.

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Daniel Taylor Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm a filmmaker, experimental with a good eye for shots and colour and story concepts and we like to work.

Cleave Redford-Lane Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a film student at Screenology with a great interest in script writing, camera work, editing and directing. I'm a very determined person and I am hoping to expand my skills to a professional level.

Sash Lake Box/Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

I love every aspect of filmmaking. I especially enjoy acting. I've been involved in various independent short films. I'd like to gain more experience and get involved in more projects. I'm eager to meet new people. 🙂

Fern Gasson Unconfirmed

I am a Professional Model with more than than 7 years experience and also an Experienced Actress with previous paid speaking roles and I have worked on music videos as a Solo Actress. You can find a list of my achievements below

Hedda Rustad Carlsen Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

Musical Theatre student at UCW, who came here all the way from Norway for some reason. Played a variation of roles, from a jolly nun to a sadistic ringmaster. Would love to get involved in new exciting projects!

James Robert Curran Bristol, United Kingdom

James Trained at Webber Douglas Academy in London and while there appeared as Malvolio in Twelfth Night and Quentin In Arthur Miller's After The Fall.

Josh Alexander Bristol, United Kingdom

Experienced and passionate actor. Open to any role, no matter how challenging or diverse. There's no such thing as a small role!

Peter Benson Bath, United Kingdom

Versatile actor, available for any kind of production. Experienced in stage, film, street, childrens' theatre etc. Impro work, devising, run workshops, some mime experience.

Peter Gammie Melksham, United Kingdom

Former Media Arts Student, Writer (Non-Prof.) and aspiring Actor

Kumaran S Chennai/Tamil nadu, India

Proficient in CG Compositing using Nuke X and Adobe After Effects. Having more than 3 years of experiences in this field. Worked in various projects including a feature length film.

  • Compositor