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Birthday Party (Short film, 2018)

A tour group are trapped in a Cold War bunker after a catastrophic 'event'. However, they manage to remain chirpy for little Sam's birthday each year. Almost.

Elizabeth Mizon Bristol, United Kingdom

Director, who enjoys experimenting with genre and expectations.

Tyler Cooper Exeter/Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Camera Operator living in the South West

Charlie Mason Northampton/Bristol, United Kingdom

Jessica Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Production designer, set dresser, art director and all round crafty creative.

Olga Rei Czarkwiani Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol and Warsaw based. Sound introduces it's own narrative layer, adds depth, resonates emotions and describes spaces and worlds. Even it's lack tells a story.

Bea Garcia Bristol, United Kingdom

Hair and Makeup trainee in Creative Skillset HETV Drama. I worked in several short films, features, music videos, commercials, and fashion. Graduated in 2016 at BAMM, having Peter King as creative director.

Isabelle Larché Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Bristol and London-based award-winning filmmaker. Let’s collab!

Simon Starr Bradford on avon, United Kingdom

Co-founder and CTO of Cahootify. I love solving problems and putting things in alphabetical order.