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‘Sissy’ is a short drama set in a secondary school, about two sisters with a fraught relationship.

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‘Sissy’ is a short drama set in a secondary school, where two sisters with a fraught relationship, feisty Millie (16) and goody goody Chloe (12), wait to be seen by the headteacher for very different reasons.

Initially Chloe is annoyed that Millie will once again get their mother’s attention for her misdeeds, but as they start talking Chloe discovers the real reason Millie is in trouble is more complicated than she thought, and the question becomes whether Chloe is able to break out of her teacher’s pet mould in order to stand up for her sister.



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Love and learning + expenses


Post-production must be finalised by the end of August.


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Editor required for a short film. Must be available to work in August 2019.

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