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In Progress

Behind Closed Doors (Short film)

A proof of concept for a feature film. About a restaurant owner re-telling his disturbing life-story of his past career being a chef, and the scarifies he made.

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We are making an extract from a feature length script as a 'proof of concept', and to give to possible financiers.


Benjamin Bartlett Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, studying at Screenology Film School. I have a theater background in performing. I now write, direct and produce film. Interested in getting experience of making great films.

Jack Twell Bristol, United Kingdom

Everyone has a story to tell. We just need to listen

Dan Fox Bristol, United Kingdom

Documentary and fiction filmmaker based in Bristol, UK and studying at Screenology Film School.

Ahad Khan Bristol/Bath/London, United Kingdom

I am a versatile actor looking to bring my skills to film. I can perform a wide range of accents and voices and I have previous acting experience in theatre including a weeks run at the Theatre Royal in Bath.

Alex Heath United Kingdom

Been acting since school, from musicals & plays, to radio shows, to a stint in London’s Soho Theatre! TRB Engage theatre school graduate, collaborated with both TRB and Screenology film school. Seems to specialise in comedy & villainy...

Liberty Tate Walker Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Actor (Sarah (Waitress))

Mike Salisbury United Kingdom

Natural history film-maker and sometime actor.

Samuel Irens Bristol, United Kingdom

Director of upcoming feature-film "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

Adam T. Hipwell Unconfirmed

First Year of Filmmaking at Screenology, Bristol. Aspiring Director. Keen to get involved in all projects.

  • First AC

Hayden Weaver Bristol, United Kingdom

Young, ambitious filmmaker looking to get his foot in the door. I can help on set or in post production, having several years experience with software such as Adobe Creative Cloud as well as dabbling in Blender for some 3D work.

  • BTS

Sarah Aboubakar Bristol, United Kingdom

A young aspiring filmmaker looking to collaborate with other great people!

  • First AD