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In Progress

Behind Closed Doors (Short film)

A proof of concept for a feature film. About a restaurant owner re-telling his disturbing life-story of his past career being a chef, and the scarifies he made.

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We are making an extract from a feature length script as a 'proof of concept', and to give to possible financiers.


Benjamin Bartlett Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, studying at Screenology Film School. I have a theater background in performing. I now write, direct and produce film. Interested in getting experience of making great films.

Jack Twell Bristol, United Kingdom

Everyone has a story to tell. We just need to listen

Dan Fox Bristol, United Kingdom

Documentary and fiction filmmaker based in Bristol, UK and studying at Screenology Film School.

Ahad Khan Bristol/Bath/London, United Kingdom

I am a versatile actor looking to bring my skills to film. I can perform a wide range of accents and voices and I have previous acting experience in theatre including a weeks run at the Theatre Royal in Bath.

Alex Heath United Kingdom

Actor, from stage (drama, shakespeare, comedy, musicals..) and camera, to radio shows, presenting and voiceover. TRB Engage theatre school graduate, collaborated with both TRB and Screenology film school. A penchant for comedy and villainy.

Liberty Tate Walker Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Actor (Sarah (Waitress))

Mike Salisbury United Kingdom

Natural history film-maker and sometime actor.

Samuel Irens Bristol, United Kingdom

Director of upcoming feature-film "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"

Adam T. Hipwell Unconfirmed

First Year of Filmmaking at Screenology, Bristol. Aspiring Director. Keen to get involved in all projects.

  • First AC

Hayden Weaver Bristol, United Kingdom

Young, ambitious filmmaker looking to get his foot in the door. I can help on set or in post production, having several years experience with software such as Adobe Creative Cloud as well as dabbling in Blender for some 3D work.

  • BTS

Sarah Aboubakar Bristol, United Kingdom

A young aspiring filmmaker looking to collaborate with other great people!

  • First AD