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BANG! (Feature Film)

A British middle class reunion at a country house goes horribly wrong when the host introduces a gun.

Full Project Team and Needs
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This will be a fun experience to work on Screenology's latest indie feature production.  We're looking for talented and committed actors with or without professional experience.  

Shooting in March 2020.  Will be a 7-9 day shoot.  Cast and crew will be put up in the house we're shooting at.  


(Male, 37 to 42 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 18 February, 2020

In return for:

Profit share + expenses

You will be fed, travel will be paid for, you will receive a small fee and you will have profit share.


9 days

We will all live in the location (a country house) for the duration of the shoot.


Can work remotely

It's an ensemble piece with a number of strong roles for this age bracket.

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