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Are You Awake? (Short film)

Jehnny & Milo reunite on zoom. As they talk about their breakup, love, life, and trauma, a storm rages outside. And something sinister is watching them.

Full Project Team and Needs
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Are You Awake? is a horror film set on zoom, and based in Jehnny's and Milo's flats. As an ongoing storm rages outside, the two characters reunite at the eye of the storm, to discuss their breakup, their love for one another, and shared trauma. But something sinister is watching them!. 


Sound Designer / Recordist

Role status:

Closed on 21 October, 2020

In return for:

Cash, fee to be discussed

To be discussed.


Can work remotely

Needed = Sound Designer / Recordist to work on Are You Awake? a found footage horror film. CAN WORK REMOTELY! They will provide sound effects and also additional foley to augment "in cam" sound here and there. Sound is such a vital part of this film, as it is with all great horror films. Please send any questions you may have in regards to the gig.

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