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Ann Rolls Green (Feature film, 2018)

We follow the character of Ann in her search for her long lost love. With the help of her cousin Denny and his gang of religious believers. What can go wrong?

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Evolution PH & Man in a bath tub pictures are embarking on their second Feature film. The first being Toasted (2017). This film is to enter Sundance Film Festival and we have been accepted for distribution by Amazon Prime. However Amazon aren't paying us up front so we're in the process of raising finance. Of course, funds will be distributed if we're successful but we're not in a position to promise that yet.

Godden & Barnes Birmingham/Bristol/Uk wide, United Kingdom

Comedy Duo. Based in midlands, prepared to travel. 5* Review Cardiff Fringe Festival. Stars of Ann Rolls Green (Amazon Prime).

Daniel J Barnes Birmingham/Cardiff/Bristol, United Kingdom

Screen Actor. General work creator. One half of the comedy duo Godden & Barnes. Musician & Singer.

Arthur Godden Bristol, United Kingdom

Foolish actor. Experienced in film, theatre, and comedy. The other 50% of Godden and Barnes, Always looking to perform. LET'S MAKE A FILM! Will rig lights and sound for money.