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Albion (Short film, 2019)

A short drama about a 1940s football team who's captain gets called to war. He then has to rebuild his team and confidence.

Emma Tynan Bristol, United Kingdom

Just completed my degree in specialist and media makeup, looking for new projects and challenges to really get into! Have spent many years working on beauty counters and different projects and would love to grow as an artist even further

Nathan Bradbury Unconfirmed

I am a third year university student at UCW working in film, TV and music videos aspiring to become a First AD/director.

Edward Bugler Nailsea/Bristol/Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

I am a co-operative person who is experienced in many roles within the field of film and media production. I have recently completed a BA (with honours) in Lens-Based Media at University Centre Weston.