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A Man Walks Into A Bar (Short film, 2016)

A man walks into a bar and finds himself face to face with his younger self. Do you want to know what they talked about?


Clément Jochem Bristol, United Kingdom

I have a tendency to get too excited about details of a shot


Monaya Abel United Kingdom

President of the Roger Deakins fan club.


Alex Troman Bristol, United Kingdom

Writer/Director/Producer and co-founder of InFilm Bristol at the University of Bristol. I try to surround myself with people who know more about stuff than I do.


Elli Purse Bristol, United Kingdom

Art department human.


Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I write, direct, do a little editing, some producing here or there. Occasionally I hold a boom pole or a sound mixer. Occasionally I'm in shot (usually intentionally). I studied film for 5 years of my life, so now I want to make films.