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Harvest (Short film)

Everyday, middle-aged chap Harvey vies for online fame. Online he becomes DJ Harvest, looking to satisfy his shallow craving, lost in delusion.

Full Project Team and Needs
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Definitely past his youth on the outside, Harvey is in a void in his life. So Harvey turns to the world of online fame as a way into a better existence. Online he becomes DJ Harvest - the most street, original and ingenious creator of musical sounds since someone he's never heard of. Except he's absolutely not that at all. He's all talk, and even his talk is bad.

Harvey has entrusted the help of his mate Paul to film the vlogs. He owns a camera, so he's perfect for the job.

It's a fantasy, a fallacy and a farce. But can he somehow harvest a new life from pure pretence?


Sound recordist

Role status:

Closed on 14 August, 2021

In return for:

Love and learning + expenses


Based in Frome/Somerset, United Kingdom

I'm looking for someone who is looking to gain both footage for reel and/or experience on a comedy shoot whilst having some experience as a sound recordist.

The project is a short comedy, single-character shoot, on location in Somerset. (No tricky set-ups)

It's a piece being used as a showcase piece, so no profits will be made. I'll also look to enter it into festivals and competitions where applicable.

I'd ideally find someone in the South-West to keep things local. I can cover travel expenses and food/drink on the day, and will of course provide a copy of the finished edit.

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