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Creep (Short film, 2019)


Jessica Addenbrooke Bristol, United Kingdom

A radiant and energetic leader studying at Screenology film school, I aspire to be a film producer.


Jake Mason Bristol, United Kingdom

Highly motivated and always looking to stretch myself. I seek work that challenges me and I want to progress in the film industry.


Brandon Shears Bristol, United Kingdom

An inspiring filmmaker who's determined to prove his worth in the industry. @Screenology


Amina Williams Bristol, United Kingdom

absurdism/acting/content creation


Ewan French Bristol, United Kingdom

Passionate about making art that pushes things into new directions. Highly motivated and I love to work in big teams of people. I find a lot of inspiration from the people I work with and even talk to.


Tommy Black Bristol/Brighton, United Kingdom

Tommy is an aspiring narrative director with a background primarily in client-focused work. From Brighton, Tommy is a light-hearted side to the team, that we simply can't do without.