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2002 results


Lainey Shaw London/Leeds/Sunderland, United Kingdom


Bethan Langford Bristol/Cardiff/London, United Kingdom


Tom Turner Bristol, United Kingdom

Actor, Acting Teacher, occasional musician. Interested in anything interesting.


Bryony J Thompson London, United Kingdom


Robbie McGirr Bristol, United Kingdom

23 Year Old Bristol-based actor, experienced in stage, screen and voice work.

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Sean Simmonds-Barker Bournemouth, United Kingdom

I am a 28 year old amateur script writer and story developer. I am mainly interested in comedy scripts. I have previously written the beginnings of a short web based comedy. I am also open to and interested in small acting roles.


Matthew John Bool Aberdare, United Kingdom

Actor based in South Wales. Comic or dramatic.

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Dima Sharif Bristol, United Kingdom

Palestinian doing her 3rd year in filmmaking at University of the West of England

  • Producer

Naomi Harvey Bristol, United Kingdom

35 year old TV Producer with a personal love of dress up and horror


Jordan John London, United Kingdom

Hi there, I'm Jordan John. I am a London based creative! I'm really interested in new ideas, new direction and collaborating with awesome people.


Anastasia Toros London, United Kingdom

I consider myself as an artist and theatre maker with a strong interest in learning and developing new approaches.

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Mike Salisbury United Kingdom

Natural history film-maker and sometime actor.