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Production avatar david corking

David Corking Bath, United Kingdom

Freelance software engineer

Avatar 2x gzwqlq

Jonathan Waring Bristol, United Kingdom

Award winning creative Director and designer of all things digital. Worked on projects for: ITV, Renault, William Golding, Royal Caribbean.

Production avatar jude lister

Jude Lister Bristol, United Kingdom

Marketing and Development Coordinator

Production avatar viktoria kuti

Viktoria Kuti Bristol, United Kingdom

Natural light photographer, creating expertly posed, relaxed portraits of women (and a few lucky men) for business/actor headshots, personal branding as well as for confidence boost and empowerment.

Production avatar charlie harman

Charlie Harman Bristol, United Kingdom

Relentless optimist, organisation enthusiast and lover of all things creative!

Production avatar ron morrow

Ron Morrow Bath, United Kingdom

Bath CTV Station Manager / Writer / Student

Production avatar emma youmans

Emma Youmans Bristol, United Kingdom

Film Studies Graduate who loves the arts!