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Bethan Langford Bristol/Cardiff/London, United Kingdom

Tom Turner Bristol, United Kingdom

Actor, Acting Teacher, occasional musician. Interested in anything interesting.

Bryony J Thompson London, United Kingdom

Robbie McGirr Bristol, United Kingdom

23 Year Old Bristol-based actor, experienced in stage, screen and voice work.

Matthew John Bool Aberdare, United Kingdom

Actor based in South Wales. Comic or dramatic.

Naomi Harvey Bristol, United Kingdom

35 year old TV Producer with a personal love of dress up and horror

Jordan John London, United Kingdom

Hi there, I'm Jordan John. I am a London based creative! I'm really interested in new ideas, new direction and collaborating with awesome people.

Anastasia Toros London, United Kingdom

I consider myself as an artist and theatre maker with a strong interest in learning and developing new approaches.

Ben White Bristol, United Kingdom

I run Optic Motion a live visuals business.

Makinov Film & Video Bristol, United Kingdom

Working as a freelancer has led to working in a number of roles over the years, camera operating, producing, directing, editing, designing and more.

Jack Turner United Kingdom

Jack is the founder and artistic director of the company. In 2016, he had taken his passion for theatre to the next level by setting up his own company.

Rebecca Davidson Bristol, United Kingdom

Hi there. 35 year old self taught sfx makeup artist and actress.

Kate Davies-Speak Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a passionate, experienced actress and enjoy throwing myself into every aspect of the film-making industry. I enjoy connecting with filmmakers and putting people together, building working relationships and getting things off the ground

Hannah Franklin

Drama Centre trained, Welsh actor based in Bristol.