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Mia Zur-Szpiro London, United Kingdom

production manager at Superplex Pictures

Nino Christen Zurich, Switzerland

Artist, Animator

Aidan Wood London, United Kingdom

Life Fire Films

Florian Grolig Berlin, Germany

Animation Director and Game Designer

Doosun Shin Florida, United States

3D Animator

Hasse van Nunen Amsterdam, Netherlands

Producer at Een van de Jongens documentary production company

Greg Doble Montreal, Canada

Illustrator and Animator

Goblin Mikkanen Skogas, Sweden

Markus Kaatsch Berlin, Germany

Aug & Ohr Medien Film Agency

Charlotte Loynes London, United Kingdom

Executive Producer at Seed Animation Studio.

Anna Blandford United Kingdom

Writer-director Anna Blandford makes commercials and narrative films with a distinctive authorial voice and a strong visual aesthetic.