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Ollie Parsons Bristol, United Kingdom

Maker of films. Whatever that may mean.

Marcus Carroll Gloucester, United Kingdom

An actor, based in South-West England with experience in Theatre, Film and Musical Theatre.

Aurélie Webb London/New york, United States

British composer for film, television, theatre and dance based in London and New York.

Tanicka Fenty Bristol, United Kingdom

Im a creative film maker from Bristol. Studying at Weston College on the FDA Film and Media, making independent short films, music video and experimental pieces.

Sam Healey Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenology Graduate and now Assistant Sound Technician.

Bashart Malik Bristol, United Kingdom

Worked in commercials, music videos and features for over 15 years and developed a passion for crafting imaginative visuals using narrative and light.

Sam Angl Southampton/Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Freelance Brand! Wow! Doing editing for professional YouTubers! Wow! An array of photography for music tours such as the Cavetown Fig tour! Wow! DoP and Director for ample companies and short films! EXTRA wow!

Sash Lake Box/Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

I love every aspect of filmmaking. I especially enjoy acting. I've been involved in various independent short films. I'd like to gain more experience and get involved in more projects. I'm eager to meet new people. đŸ™‚

Giordana Russo Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based screenwriter.

Louis Holder London, United Kingdom

Bold ideas, and excellent track record of execution as Producer, in all phases. Passionate about Film as a medium. An eye for compelling stories, driven by high-performing production teams and looking to extend my skills.

Cyrus Mirzashafa London, United Kingdom

Hello, I make videos and do stuff such as; edit, take pictures of things, write and script edit, sometimes produce and am an all round creative.

Amber Grieve Bristol, United Kingdom

Student at Screenology finding her feet in the industry! Aspiring editor and sound designer, up for anything and everything!