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Dinner Date
(Short film)

Not your typical date night.

  • Assistant Director
5 on board


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(Short film, 2019)

A one scene drama about a woman asking her estranged brother to come to her wedding.

  • 2nd Assistant Camera
9 credits
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695 Miles
(Short film, 2019)

A Shetland dialect poem about a person experiencing homesickness living in Bristol

  • Producer
4 credits
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(Short film, 2019)

All is not as it seems.

  • Sound Recordist
4 credits
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(Short film, 2019)

A creature of habit, an architect of madness. This story sees the end to a strained professional...

  • Production Manager
14 credits
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Vodka Advert
(Commercial, 2018)

An Advert for Absolut Vodka.

  • Director of Photography
3 credits
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(Documentary, 2018)

A 45 Second interview aiming to get under the skin of the subject.

  • Producer
  • Director of Photography
  • Editor
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The Life of Duckman [Pilot]
(Web series, 2018)

Half-Man, Half-Duck, can Duckman swim peacefully through his existence? or will the tides of fate...

  • Producer
8 credits
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Be Careful What You Like
(Short film, 2018)

He liked the picture, She's not happy.

  • Director of Photography
4 credits
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20 Photos Brief
(Short film, 2018)

A seemingly nice girl turns out to be a hitman for hire.

  • Director
  • Producer
5 credits
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Jurassic Park 45 Second BTS
(BTS, 2018)

A 45 second BTS video from the annual Screenology Film Challenge in which we had to re-create a 4...

  • Video Editor
  • BTS Video
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Find Yourself
(Short film, 2018)

First short film made at Screenology Film School. The brief was to showcase Bristol. In this short...

  • Video Editor