We Cannot See In The Dark
(Short film, 2020)

A couple goes to visit a friend for dinner at her house. But dark revelations lead them to glimpse...

  • Boom Operator
17 credits

(Short film, 2020)

Short character drama about family, birds, and arson. Lit entirely by firelight.

  • Actor (Grace)
11 credits

Bounce Back
(Short film, 2020)

  • Makeup Artist
  • Script Supervisor
9 credits

(Short film, 2020)

Two mates battle it out in a high stakes game of Scrabble.

  • Boom Operator
10 credits

This Is It and Nothing More
(Short film, 2019)

A task force infiltrates a crack den to find someone who could change reality with their mind.

  • Actress
14 credits

Introducting E2E
(Corporate, 2019)

A corporate infomercial for startup Engineer 2 Engineer

  • Actress
  • Voiceover Artist
3 credits