(Corporate, 2019)

A film and photography installation for Manchester at MIPIM. 22 profiles of inspiring Manchester...

  • Runner

(Short film, 2018)

Mockumentary film of extreme vegetarianism & battle of morals.

  • Co-director
  • Assistant Camera
  • And 3 more...
5 credits

Amelie: Dessert for Dinner
(Video Essay, 2018)

Why is Jean-Paul Jeunet's Amelie (2001) so good? So uplifting? I take a look into that question and...

  • Filmmaker

Best Guess
(Documentary, 2018)

In 1968, a book was published predicting what life would be like fifty years into the future. This...

  • Director
  • Producer
  • And 2 more...
3 credits

Don't Let Me Go
(Short film, 2018)

An angel of death keeps company to a dying young man

  • Actor (The Witness)
5 credits

The Witness - Short
(Short film, 2018)

A man arrives early to his assignment and gets a moment to think about what he's about to witness.

  • Lead Actor
4 credits