Faith Unseen
(Short film, 2017)

In a war torn world, Sophie desires for her young, dying brother to have a peaceful end. She takes...

  • DoP
4 credits

Star Wars: Eternal
(Short film, 2017)

Eternal is an ambitious Star Wars fanfilm project based in Bristol and run by students passionate...

  • Gaffer
  • 1st AC
11 credits

The Day That Broke
(Feature film, 2017)

This community feature film tells of an eclipse doesn't go away from the perspective of a 6...

  • Technical Manager
73 credits

The Waiter and the Piano

A young waiter dreams about playing the grand piano at a 5* star Piano Bar.

  • Technical Manager
6 credits

Fragment - 15 Second Horror
(Short film, 2016)

A 15-second horror of a schizophrenic man battling between reality and dream.

  • Data Wrangler
  • Technical Manager
8 credits

Cold Turkey
(Short film, 2016)

A dark comedy about a man dealing with his addiction to smoking

  • Editor
4 credits

Fall of the Jedi: A Star Wars Fan Film
(Short film, 2016)

The new generation of Jedi have been massacred by the evil Kylo Ren and two young survivors are...

  • 1st AD
  • Drone Operator
10 credits

Thy Name Is Woman

Shakespeare's mistreated heroines answer back!

  • Aerial Specialist
46 credits