Eric the Brave
(Documentary, 2018)

A documentary exploring the life of the grandfather I never met. He was taken by Motor Neurone...

  • Director

The Perfect Bath
(Short film, 2018)

A perfect bath that goes wrong leaves many people confused.

  • Edit supervisor
18 credits

Birthday Party
(Short film, 2018)

A tour group are trapped in a Cold War bunker after a catastrophic 'event'. However, they manage...

  • Data Wrangler
9 credits

Little Miss T!nder
(Documentary, 2017)

A filmmaker embarks on a journey of 7 Tinder dates in 7 days to find true love.

  • Editor
2 credits

Oh no, I know - Shadowblasters

Music Video for the track 'Oh No, I know' by Bristol band Shadowblasters

  • Production Assistant
2 credits

(Short film, 2017)

A man with more money than patience hires a friend with OCD to be his cleaner.

  • Director Of Photography
8 credits

Search Bar
(Short film, 2017)

A father and son try to reconnect by doing online shopping together. And accidentally recording the...

  • Co-Writer
  • Location Sound Recordist
5 credits

Amnesia - Doc Brown

A music video for stand-up comedian and rapper, Doc Brown

  • Production Coordinator
  • Stills Photographer
5 credits

The Day That Broke
(Feature film, 2017)

This community feature film tells of an eclipse doesn't go away from the perspective of a 6...

  • Data Wrangler
  • Sound Assistant
72 credits

Pushing Through Bristol

A short documentary about the skate scene in Bristol (Our brief stated that we had to use an iPod)

  • Director Of Photography
2 credits