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(Short film, 2017)

A satirical take on the phrase women often get told; "Smile love, it might never happen".

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Wear My Tattoo
(Short film, 2017)

A utopian-style drama in which people are mated for life by being mutually branded with their...

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(Commercial, 2016)

This follows Gavin and Emily during a meal out on Valentine’s day. It is still early days for their...

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Goodbye Letter
(Short film, 2015)

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Singing DEMO

A short DEMO of a period song and contemporary song.

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Cinderella | Lyric Hammersmith
(Stage, 2015)

  • Stage Actor (Ensemble)
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Pringles Summer Taxi
(Commercial, 2015)

Pringles Taxi 90' Advert 2016

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