Steel City - Gyros and Jumps in Athens
(Short film, 2017)

Parkour thrilled adventure to the Greek capital.

  • DoP
  • Camera Operator
  • And 2 more...

(Short film)

6 pages performance heavy - A parent loses sight of their young child and they are haunted by the...

  • Director
  • Co-producer
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In Progress


Sam Symons, 18 year old trainee stunt performers travels the world to the best destinations to...

  • Filmmaker
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Follow Me
(Web video)

In a modern world of crime and sin, 'Follow Me' is a dark comedy about a second 'son of God'. Only...

  • Camera Assistant
4 credits

Cut Capers - Alright (BTS)
(Music video)

The behind the scenes of Cut Capers new music video filmed at Band Film Studios, Bristol.

  • BTS

In Progress

The Loop
(Short film)

  • DoP
  • Camera Operator
  • Colourist