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Joe Wells Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring to carve a path in the wonderful world of film. A keen eye for visual storytelling, I hope to apply my academic knowledge of film and performance to help bring incredible stories to life. Also write and edit, can produce and act.

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I'm a Film, TV & Theatre student hurtling towards graduation and the real world. In short, I want to make things, namely films. Whether that means writing for them, directing them, editing them or producing for them, I neither know nor mind. I have experience and skills in all of these roles and would happily explore any of them professionally.

I'm attracted primarily to good stories, be they in documentary or narrative form. 

For what my degree has neglected me of in terms of practical experience, I have developed a deep understanding and appreciation for film as a visual art form and storytelling mode, and am already applying this back into my work in film. In more pure form however, I'm also an avid film critic.

I also still occasionally act, though I committed myself primarily to film a few years ago. I've acted for over a decade on stage/live, and plenty on screen over the past 5 years. I tend to act with sincerity and understatement, and value deep characters with nuanced emotions, but have been given and enjoyed a wide range of roles over the years. If I like the character, I would happily consider a role.

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