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Joanna Karselis United Kingdom

Emerging composer with love of collaboration and creating immersive, unique sounds.

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Herbert & Hilda (short, 2021)

Breathe (short, 2020)

Passion (short, 2020)

Sacrament (short, 2020)

One Moment (short, 2020)

The Other Place (short, 2020)

Pestis (short, 2020)

The Skin She Sheds (short, 2020)

5 South (feature, 2020)

Beyond Sight (short, 2019)

Jonah (short, 2019)

Sissy (short, 2019)

51 States (short, 2019)

The Darkest Corner (short, 2020)

The Tower Of Fate (game, 2019)

The Imperfect Machine (short, 2019)

Mind's Eye (VR short, 2018-19)

Tracing (short, 2018)

Death Is Just A Feeling (short, 2018)

Ground Rush (short, 2018)

Subject 256 (short, 2018)

Night Of The Screamer (short, 2018)

A Billion To One (collaborative web series, 2017-18)

Church Plant (podcast, 2017-18)

The Bellwether (feature, 2018)

Death Is Just A Feeling (short, 2017)

Between The Lines (TV Pilot, in production 2017)

Cups (short, 2017)

Classified Freaks (web series, 2017)

Disavowed (short film, 2016, winner of Audience Choice and Out Of The Box awards at Rack Festival)

Still Chaos (short film, 2016)

Bespoke (short film, 2016)

Reunification (documentary film, winner of Special Mention of the Jury Prize at San Diego Asian Film Festival, 2015)

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