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28 Jun 2022

Filmmakers' Shindig (June)

Bristol, United Kingdom


28 June, 2022

Doors open at 18:30 and the guest keynote will begin at 19:00 in the Square Works Presentation Space, 17-18 Berkeley Square.

Entertainment and networking will begin at 20:00 in the Square Club bar, a few doors down at 15 Berkeley Square.


£1.00 - £9.00


Square Works / Square Club

17-18 Berkeley Square
United Kingdom

Ticket type Price
Full Event - keynote, film, live music & networking (6.30pm, Square Works ) £9.00
Sale ended
Partial Event - live music & networking (8pm, Square Club ) £4.50
Sale ended
Full Event - Square Members (keynote, film, entertainment &networking, 6.30pm, Square Works) £1.00
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Probably the most inspiring little film night in the world. Join us in Bristol for an evening of learning, stimulation, collaboration, entertainment and general filmmaking joy!

The Cahootify Filmmakers' Shindig is your chance to get inspired and involved! We want to encourage you to make your film projects happen, with this opportunity to hear from professionals who have been there and done it already.

June's Filmmakers' Shindig Features:

  • Exclusive guest keynote talk and attendee Q&A from established independent Director and DoP, Bashart Malik
  • Screening of the short film 'The Massive F*cking Bender' by Laura Marcus.
  • Networking with other filmmakers, sharing potential concepts and upcoming projects.
  • Brilliant food and drinks from The Square Club bar.
  • Plus! Live entertainment from musician Dave Wright.

June’s Filmmaker Shindig is on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 @Square Works, BristolDoors open at 18:30, the guest keynote begins at 19:00 and the mixer starts at 20:00, next door at Square Club!

Line Up

Bashart Malik
  • Speaker
  • Beating The Odds

    Being an indie filmmaker is a struggle but worth every battle. Referencing his own journeys with "I Am Judah", his food justice project and others, Bash will cover how to make your passion project regardless of funding, telling your story, the indie route to financing a film, sponsorship and more.

    Dave Wright
  • Musician
  • Dave is a singer songwriter from Bristol UK. He has released three albums on his own label Blue Balloon Records.


    Tomas Diaz

    I am a filmmaker and photgrapher from the Canary Islands based in Bristol, UK. I am ambitious, fast-learning and adaptable, specialising in the camera department, and able to speak three languages.

    Sarah Dawes

    Have recently moved to Bristol after spending 7 years in NZ. Be great to meet some new people! I also have a project I'm working on called Shadow Peak - we're about to film the 2nd season webseries :)

    Michael McCall

    Business Development here at Cahootify with some fun Bristol-based business projects in the works! Always looking for new people to work with!

    Aggie Nyagari

    I'm a Kenyan director, editer, producer, writer, and web-content creator living in Bristol, UK. My main passion is in directing. I have worked on numerous TV shows, films and talk shows. A great team player and problem solver too!

    Chloe Ireland

    I'm a screenwriter looking to collaborate with other creatives.

    Dr Nigel Smith

    Craft stop motion animator/director with film festival screenings in the UK and around the world

    Evan Preston

    Evan Preston is a writer & director. Themes of Duality and mortality appear in his films, often including supernatural aspects. Evan aims to make films that entertain but also provoke conversations and subvert expectations.

    Jason Budd Unpublished

    Juan Cerrudo

    Hi everyone! I moved to Bristol over a year ago from Madrid, Spain and I'd love to meet people who share my passion in film and make some networking :)

    Kraig Taylor Bryant

    I'm a university student with an eye for the exciting. I love to work on a project with an intense concept and a dark undertone. I'm not sure what my place in the industry is yet, but I'm keen to find out

    Lisa Calder

    I’m a Creative Producer based in Bristol. For me film-making has it all: Compelling storytelling, conveyed via an artistic medium and technical craft. I am inspired by the work of the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson and David Fincher.

    • Creative Producer
    • Videographer
    • Production Manager

    Luis Veloso Unpublished

    Malva Soler Unpublished

    • Seeking
    • Documentary Maker

    Marie Moka Petersen Unpublished

    I am a German illustrator as well as a creative writing student at Bath Spa Uni. Please don't ask me what it's like to study Writing as a non-native speaker, unless you want me to spiral into a full-fledged imposter syndrom crisis. Cheers.

    • Screenwriter
    • Writer
    • Illustrator
    • Seeking
    • Director
    • Short Films

    Natalie Tsvetkova

    I've been into film industry for quite a while (acting, writing, producing films and festivals). I moved to UK in 2020 and started to work for a film finance and production company.

    Rebecca Crothers Unpublished

    • Seeking
    • Set Designer
    • Art Department
    • Set Decorator

    Ricardo Ventura

    Actor, director and writer, based in Bristol. Originally from Brazil.