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15 Nov 2021

Filmmaker Intensives: How To Maximise Your Creative Productivity


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4 weeks from 15 November, 2021

10% concession rate available on checkout page. Proof of eligibility is required
10% early bird discount up to one month before course start date
20% off for Raindance Premium/Pro Members



Mondays from 15th November 7:00pm – 9:00pm GMT




HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY is a course that will teach you how to work with what you have. The creative industry is unlike any other, the hours you put in do not always equate to success or more money. This course isn’t about working yourself to the bone – it’s about getting the most out of your time and ideas. So what makes some people continuously motivated and prolific, and others struggling to keep on track with just one project? The answer is learning what works for you!