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26 Aug 2021

The Film Director and the DoP


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1 day from 26 August, 2021

19:00 – 21:30 UK TIME



*Concessions available
*10% early bird discount up to 30 days before
*20% less for Premium/Pro members




The Film Director and the DoP 

A skilled Director of Photography (DoP) is a key asset to your film. The relationship between a director and DoP is essential to the success of your film, and to your career. A good working relationship will enable you as a director to develop a unique look and style.

What you will learn

Discover the way successful directors communicate their vision to a Director of Photography. Learn the key words and buzz phrases industry professionals use to make sure that the film the director sees is the one that gets committed to film.

Who should attend

Any filmmaker seeking to better understand how this very unique and special relationship is formed and used to make their film leap out of the ordinary.

About Directing and the DoP

Learn to develop and direct better by creating a fluid, creative and collaborative relationship with your DP.

Preparation is key: learn how to prepare your shooting day so you can avoid conflict and come to set totally ready to shoot.

Discover how to unravel the blitz of different styles and looks to select the one that will suit your movie, and how to achieve them by honing the skills of directing and the D0P. 

  • Picking a D0P
  • How to choose a D0P that works with not against you
  • Judging showreels
  • How to spot talent and new emerging stars
  • Picking a photographic ‘look’ for your movie
  • How to create a unique look to your film
  • On set relationships between the DP/Director and making them work
  • Being visually prepared, shot lists and floor plans.
  • How to avoid conflict and drive your vision home with detailed planning.