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26 Jul 2021

The Advanced Script Coach Series: The Secrets of Structure


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1 day from 26 July, 2021

19:00 – 21:30 UK time



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*10% concession rate available at checkout
*Premium/Pro Members save 20%




What you will Learn at The Secrets of Structure

Learn how to take your story far beyond the traditional 3-act structure. Explore bold, fresh and exciting structures to make your story unique.

  • Using the “key moments” method to build your plot (an alternative starting point for plotting, great for people who struggle with the 3-act structure)
  • Tricks for creating compelling opening scenes that overcome the “boring normal life” problem of  Act I
  • How to use subtext to strengthen your story
  • Creating dynamic settings (overcoming the “two people talking in a coffee shop” problem)
  • Three ways to create story twists and surprises that get script readers and audiences excited—and producers buying